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Oh! My Aching Knee – Day 2 & 3 – Negative Ned and The Power of Postive Encouragement


I had a whole blog post written about a guy I nicknamed Negative Ned. Dude was a bummer, maaaan.  He was a guy in my group rehab sessions while at Park Ridge Hospital for my total knee replacement. (TKR) He is a guy in his early 70’s and in relatively good health compared to a lot of the folks in the group. Yet two days post surgery, he was saying how, even though he needs his other one done, he was not going to do it based on his experience so far. I was going to get all high and might on my soapbox and tell you how I gave the guy some straight talk. But this morning, I’m just not in the mood to.  I did give him some frank words of encouragement, even though his name is not Frank. I hope they helped him because if not, he is going to have a rough go of it. His son was with him at one point, but looked totally disinterested in the exercises “Ned” was doing and the progress he was not making.

Sara was at some of my sessions and really encouraged me to make progress and not give into the pain.  It was very helpful to have her there cheering me on. She is not a very “Rah rah” type of person, and not a BSer, so I know that if she said I was doing well, then it was the truth. Thank you Sara! I really appreciate the powers of positive encouragement.


Author: Wally David

I live in Rochester, NY. I am an IT professional with a very large payroll and human resources provider in Rochester, NY. I also am a former professional photographer, as well as, a drummer.

2 thoughts on “Oh! My Aching Knee – Day 2 & 3 – Negative Ned and The Power of Postive Encouragement

  1. You are so right about attitude, Wally. I have had tons of patients who have been recovering from TKRs. The ones that heal the fastest are the ones with the positive attitudes. Keep up the good work, my friend. And, it is hard work.

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